Effective Ways to Cure Your Asthma

Published: 02nd October 2008
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One thing about asthma is that it really forces you to change your lifestyle, and you won't be able to do the things that you always dreamed of doing. Unless you decide to take control of your asthma, and not let it take control of you.

The realism behind asthma treatment is there is no eternal cure for asthma. But a natural cure for asthma can help to manage and control your asthma. A number of usual techniques like muscle relaxation, deep abdominal breathing, and others can help you lessen stress connected with asthma. Diet supplements are also being used as a natural cure for asthma also. So with that in mind, I am about to give you a list of things that's not only going to take control of your asthma, they will allow you to do things you thought you will not be able to do.

Here's 8 Effective Natural Cures for Asthma:

Eliminate Dairy Products Not only do diary products affect your asthma, but it can also affect your sinuses and allergies as well. If you're on a dairy free diet for about a week, you will see a tremendous difference in your breathing.

Eliminate Wheat Products and Preservatives from Your Food Eliminating wheat products will also improve your breathing, and your shortness of breath will soon be gone. Preservatives also make it hard to breath, so the best thing to do is; get rid of preservatives in your food. Things such as White Flour, bread that you buy from the store, boxed foods, and most canned foods.

Take Cold Showers I know this might sound crazy, but cold showers are a very effective way to keep your asthma in check. Cold showers boost the immune system as well as the circulation. It will give you immediate results, and make a massive difference.

Drink Hot Black COFFEE Believe it or not, but hot black coffee is a proven way to help stop asthma attack. The caffeine acts as an anti-inflammatory agent it helps to reduce air-way swelling

Garlic acts as natural cure for asthma. This can be measured as a helpful option for asthma healing. Boiling garlic in milk and drinking it in early stages of asthma can give a superb relief from asthma symptoms.

Honey You can use the aroma from the honey and put it under your nose for a couple of hours. This is used as a valuable aid and makes you breathe a lot easier. You can choose to eat raw honey, or drink it by combining it in water and milk. It aids in elimination of mucous from the airways therefore giving a vital relief from asthma.

Turmeric this is one of the successful treatments with the natural cure for asthma. Turmeric can be used as a defensive and healing treatment of allergic asthma. When you drink a glass of water mixed with turmeric it helps to reduce the intensity of an asthma attack.

Mustard Oil Mustard oil can also be used as a natural cure for asthma. Mustard oil is useful as a massaging remedy but not for drinking. Mustard oil and camphor mixture should used to rub on the chest of someone who is suffering from asthma. This eases the breathing because it releases the phlegm on asthmatic chest

What I have provided above are 8 natural cures for asthma, and are very successful in aiding and making life with asthma a whole lot easier. These are just a few ways; there are a lot more ways to deal with asthma. If you feel that you are having trouble controlling or dealing with your asthma try one of the 8 remedies I provided and you are sure to relieve any problems you are having with your asthma.

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